"Software should be easy to use. And easy to build."

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Easy software, easy development

Software development can cause a lot of headaches: projects being delivered too late and out of spec. We are here to help you with that, because we believe software development (just like software itself) should be easy.

Project Management

Embarking on in-house software development or aiming for greater control over outsourced projects? We can help!


Whether you are doing your software development yourself or purchasing it from a supplier: sometimes it's good to evaluate.

Software Development

Quote-based software development with a focus on user experience: we build your app solutions.

Pragmatic Project Management

Mastering your software projects

We'll bring our sleeping bags

Our project management service goes beyond mere consultancy; we immerse ourselves within your company and help setting up or improve the software development process. We'll stay for the night if we need to!

Whether you are embarking on in-house software development or aiming for greater control over outsourced projects, we help you with laying the groundwork of your development process, building the team and contributing to all phases of your project—from analysis and design to implementation—ensuring that development continues smoothly until your in-house team or external supplier is ready to take over.

At this point, we carefully transition responsibilities, stepping back yet remaining available to support your matured, self-sufficient team.

Don't make the mistakes we already made

Conducting thorough risk analyses and auditing software designs to hands-on development work: we are here to guide you every step of the way. With 25 years of experience in software development in various industries, we know what works. And we know what doesn't.

We specialise in establishing and refining Agile/Scrum and DevOps methodologies, enhancing Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) practices, and bolstering Quality Assurance.

Build your software development dream team

Beyond the technical aspects, our expertise extends to recruiting the right talent and fostering a team dynamic that aligns with your project's goals and your company's culture.

This includes helping with the recruitment process to ensure that every team member is not only skilled but also a perfect fit for your project's unique needs.

Our involvement doesn't stop at team formation; we also take a hands-on role in improving your project's planning and estimation processes to guarantee more accurate timelines and resource allocations.

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Strategic Consultancy

Are you maximising the business value out of your projects?

User experience

We specialise in elevating your product's digital experience though our UX/UI consultancy services. We are dedicated to enhance user interaction with your software, ensuring that your product is intuitive, engaging and effective.

Whether you want to increase conversion rates or seeking to refine your UX/UI choices to alleviate pressure on your support desk, we are here to help improving the UX/UI in a way that it adds business value.

Software analysis & design

We offer specialised consultancy services to ensure your development projects not only meet, but exceed expectations. We understand the need for future-proofing your software architecture, but more crucially, we help you explore whether that's even needed for your specific business goals.

Do you fully understand your client's needs, and more importantly, do your clients know what they truly need? We dive deep into these inquiries and offer valuable insights and solutions.

Quality Assurance

We understand that quality assurance is paramount in the lifecycle of software development. We can help to address the myriad challenges that can arise, from frequently changing requirements to ensuring that every requirement is correctly implemented on time.

We assess the flexibility of your development process, help manage the complexities of testing, continuous integration and deployment and provide solutions to prevent crashes, enhancing the overall quality and reliability of your software.

Digital strategies and data analysis

We can help setting up your digital strategy, focussing on improving customer experiences, optimising operational processes, and enhancing digital presence. All to ultimately drive business growth and innovation.We can help setting up your digital strategy, focussing on improving customer experiences, optimising operational processes, and enhancing digital presence. All to ultimately drive business growth and innovation.

Alongside these pillars, we emphasise the crucial role of data analysis in understanding and maximising your digital strategy’s impact. Are you curious about the adoption rate of new users? Do you fully understand how your users interact with your product? We can help unraveling these insights for you, leveraging data analysis to provide a clear view of user behaviour and engagement.

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Quote-based software development

Implementing elegant & efficient solutions

Apps and SDK solutions

Our experience spans the entire software lifecycle, ensuring comprehensive support from start to finish. This means we can aid you from the initial analysis—where we help pinpoint your project's exact needs and goals—to the design phase, helping craft user-centric and scalable solutions. Our involvement deepens during implementation, where these designs are transformed into reality with clean, efficient code.

We are specialised in app and SDK development, together with our partners we can help with the following:

       iOS apps
       Android apps
       MacOS apps
       Webbased frontends
       Azure/AWS cloud solutions
       Linux-based backends

UX/UI design

We believe in actively shaping the user experience and interface of your software. This means rolling up our sleeves to ensure that every touch and interaction users have with your product is intuitive and enjoyable. From conducting in-depth user research to creating wireframes, prototypes, and the final design, we tackle every aspect of the process. Our aim is not just to create visually attractive interfaces but also to forge seamless, user-centric experiences that add business value.

Extending your team

Sometimes your project just requires additional expertise or manpower. Whether you need temporary support to meet a deadline or specialised skills to tackle a specific challenge: we can help filling the gaps in your existing team, ensuring you have the right resources at the right time to keep your project on track without missing a beat.

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Our Portfolio

About us

In 2011 I founded The Convenience Factory to create user experiences with the philosophy that the user should not adapt to a product, but the product should adapt to its user's needs and habits. Or in other words: we put the user back in control!

Today this philosophy has been extended to software development itself.

Why should software projects always take longer than planned? Why is never exactly delivered what was asked? Why can't the exact status of the project be communicated? Why do requirements need to be frozen before the project starts?

We break with these habits. We work in an Agile or Scrum-like way, using super-short iterations with a demonstrable product at the end of each iteration. This allows you to stay on top and adjust the course in every phase of the project, putting you back in control!

Maurice de Bijl

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